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About the Program

Developing Character through Outdoor Adventure

Young people do not have the same access as in the past to forums where they develop strong critical reasoning, problem-solving and leadership skills. Our daily world is filled with data, news, opinions, and competing priorities. Social media, TV, books, peers, and educational software can actively discourage critical thinking in children. Rational decision-making can be difficult in such a rapidly changing and complex society. Despite the challenges, it's not impossible to develop and enhance your child's critical-thinking and decision-making skills.

This is a unique, collaborative outdoor learning experience with a high level of physical (and emotional) challenge. Removing the typical 'camp' structures and taking the raw, wilderness approach encourages the child to use critical and abstract thought to solve problems rather than relying on an internet search or what someone else says. Through guided dialog with peers, setting their own goals, and responding to challenges individually and as a team, the kids will find they have ownership and a vested interest in the experience. Kids will be expected to explain their own reasoning and respond to the reasoning of others developing better communicators, leaders and problem-solvers. 

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