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Advanced Adventuring on the Meramec!

These boys jumped in with both feet into the Advanced Leadership Intensive Adventure Session for 2023. The challenge: Four days, three nights on Missouri's own Meramec River.

The three advanced adventurers researched, planned and packed...and then they learned that Murphy's Law always comes calling. Nothing serious, our food, water and weather were perfect, but you put three 13-year-old boys in a tent together and see what world problems they will solve after 10 pm.

In all seriousness, they had not paddled, steering the canoe, before and each of them went through their learning struggles. They had to confront their hang ups and dig deep, but they did it; they learned more than one new skill this week that I can only hope they will carry with them.

We encountered a hairy moment or two and they ALL stayed calm and they listened and followed instructions quickly and without question. It prevented a tough situation from becoming worse. I'm very proud of the first class of advanced adventurers from True Path Adventures...might even have converted some future Marines :)

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