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Get Kids Outside

A chilly good afternoon from Cedar Ridge Ranch!

This morning it was tempting to crawl back into bed. But I'm reminded of all the benefits of getting outside, even in inclement weather...especially for kids. Aside from the benefits we all know, like helping our bodies make vitamin D, cardiovascular health and physical fitness, being outside also introduces us to new environments and reduces anxiety and stress.


And yet, children have been spending less time outdoors than ever. Whether it is because we are tired, the weather, or a lack of appropriate space, the temptation to just give up and stay indoors is often strong. Fewer kids than ever are missing out on the opportunity to regularly enjoy wild spaces.

"RPC research found that more than 90% of children wanted more play in their lives but are too busy (or their parents are too busy) for unscheduled play" (Manning, 2019,

And so, I'm making myself get up and head out for a walk. Join me :)

Check out this page for more information and ideas:


Sign your kids up for an adventure today!

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