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Show up fully

My parents used to tell us, "You only get out of something what you put into it." Mostly, at the time this meant schoolwork and sports for us. Now, I believe it applies to so much more.

In this world of multi-tasking and juggling so much information, it is so difficult sometimes to singularly focus on someone or something. If we can focus on the present or a single task, though, I believe we can more fully give ourselves to it or to that person which results in us getting so much more back. In IT there is a growing sentiment that we have to 'stop starting and start finishing'. When we multi-task or multi-focus, often many things are in motion without a lot of resolution or completion. It may seem like you are slowing down, but pinpointed focus can actually help to knock out a list of tasks faster and with higher quality.

In relationships, how many of us have been hurt or frustrated because someone has not heard or seemingly ignored something we've said? How many of us have done that to others? Been so focused on our next task, thought or question that we gloss right over the other person's comments.

As I step away this coming week for a family event, I'm going to focus on being there fully and experiencing my family and building those relationships. Wishing everyone the same whether it's time to focus on a task, yourself, parents, spouses, siblings, kids, co-workers, or customers.

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Barbara Peasel
Barbara Peasel
Feb 21, 2022

Very interesting and inviting to train future leaders that we need so much at home and abroad. 🙏

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