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Summer Fun!

What a summer! After an early and fast start out of the gates here at True Path Adventures, we only had one session in July. It went well despite the surge in heat and humidity.

Lessons in all things; the heat actually gave me an opportunity to share with the kids a couple tricks that I picked up while working the hot summers in Iraq.

1. A cold, wet rag around your neck is priceless for keeping cool.

2. A cold, wet sock (ideally clean :) with the toe cut out helps to keep water in bottles cool, too.

A few cool things to see came up over the last weekend that will be fun to share.

This coming weekend is our first fully booked Intermediate Adventuring session. Hiking between 4 and 6 miles and camping two nights! This group is all boys, ages 8-13.

The trails are ready for them! Will look forward to sharing our experience!

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