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Summer Season Update

What a fantastic first year so far, and I'm so grateful. A big thank you again to those families who trusted me to be a part of their child's journey in this first season of True Path Adventures. And a special thank you to those helping to spread the word. We never know who may be interested, but there is value around every turn out here on the ranch. Five sessions may sound small, but each was unique, valuable, and loads of fun!

The season isn't over yet. With a couple more group events and speaking engagements to go, I am keeping very busy. In the time between sessions, we did a lot of work cleaning up trails, maintaining activity sites, and even adding some new fun activities on the trail.

As fall approaches, my thoughts are turning to all of the valuable feedback I've received this year. Please expect some changes to the website in the coming months including new service and session offerings as well as customizable adventures!

I will be finishing a book about my recent epic river adventure that I finished earlier this year. I'll share when it's available for those interested. The fun never stops at True Path Adventures.

Stay tuned and please enjoy this quick video of our greatest hits this summer!

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Love the highlights video! 😃Congratulations on a great 1st season! You have worked so hard on getting the ranch and trails in such good shape. Excited to see where God & you take it from here. ❤️

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